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Getting back on track - WWpl virtual

6 mei 2020, Virtual space

Getting back on track - WWpl virtual

Confusing complexity

With all that is happening today, many of us struggle with questions on what is awaiting us in our field, how we can or need to respond, how to manage workforces coming back into facilities, supporting changes in service demands as might occur.

This session aims to support/reassure where possible and stimulate/assist in proactive thinking where useful. The central thought: although we do not understand all ramifications yet, there are probably some things we do understand and can start preparing for today. Other things are probably unclear still, but we can start proactive thinking in order to address them in time in the best possible way. Before talking about solutions and approaches to things, we first try to identify new challenges as we will probably be confronted with; by understanding these challenges well, we can devise better approaches and alternatives to deal with them.

What after the Corona times ? Changes, but In what direction?

The notion behind this session is to provide as much as possible guidance, pointing at ways to handle things, but not overdo it. Posing the appropriate questions in cases we are unsure is probably better than trying to point at solutions we are uncertain about. We are in a process of iterative learning and adaptation. This is perhaps the best way to approach it all: learn – try – fail fast – adapt – postpone decisions whenever possible.

Session participants: Erik Jaspers, Marie Puybaraud, Kate Lister, Jan-Peter Kastelein, Wim Pullen

May 6th, 13=14 h Central European summer time

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