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Das Arbeitsplatzspiel

23 may 2016

Das Arbeitsplatzspiel

The Workplace Game is now available in German! After translating the Workplace Game into English, French and Chinese, we now also have a German version. We developed this brand new version in collaboration with Astrid Gerhardt, a workplace consultant from Germany and expert in the field of architecture psychology. Astrid did a PhD study entitled: ‘World of the Office: Efficiency by Architecture – the Individual and its Well-being in a Designed Environment’ which gives her a unique insight into aspects of well-being in German offices. Once again, Meeple took care of the graphic design.

The German version of the game will soon be tested in a real life setting. Since Germany is a real board game country, we are extremely curious to know the players’ reactions and feedback about the game.

Are you interested in “Das Arbeidsplatz Spiel”? Or do you have any questions about it? Please let us know!