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About Us

Identity and tasks

The Center for People and Buildings (CfPB)  was founded in 2001 to make knowledge about people, work and work environment applicable to companies and governments. In doing so, it aims to contribute to the realization of "a good working environment for every organization". The CfPB is a so-called Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI).

CfPB aims to promote research, product development and knowledge transfer in the field of people, work and the working environment. The knowledge center does this for and with governments and companies. A second goal of the Center for People and Buildings is to promote multidisciplinary cooperation between chairs from different universities and professional practice as far as the relationship between people, work and the working environment is concerned.

The CfPB achieves its objectives through three core activities:

  1. The CfPB traces relevant needs for scientific research and education in the professional field.
  2. The CfPB focuses on initiating, supervising and carrying out (or having carried out) fundamental and applied scientific research and development.
  3. CfPB sees its task to transfer the knowledge it has acquired by means of publications, lectures and practically applicable instruments.

Mission of the Center for People and Buildings

With a mission aimed at stimulating a good working environment for every organization and a motto of making knowledge and sharing knowledge, it is possible to fulfill this mission by getting involved in projects in many organizations. This provides the CfPB with the necessary empirical research data. Knowledge already acquired is shared generically and without restraint and flows naturally to organizations that provide a case study for research.

Working method

Together with the participating parties, CfPB examines their housing problem. CfPB acts as researcher, coach and reflector. CfPB does not provide advice. In our view, housing is an important part of integrated business operations, for which the management itself must set the course.

Usually the cooperation starts with one or more intake interviews. After this, the CfPB draws up a research proposal. After approval, the research is carried out and reported on.