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Costs and Benefits

Employees are provided with tablets and smartphones and given the freedom to choose the most suitable workplace: at home, at work or somewhere else. A contemporary, eye-catching workplace interior is less important than good support for all employees. Are there any good ideas, assurances or guarantees out there for better business operations?

You'd like to know if your company has become more innovative, with more productive, more creative employees? Do the employees collaborate more effectively, staying healthy, with minimal stress, and less absenteeism due to illness or burn-out?

Knowledge about costs and benefits of office concepts is necessary in order to make a viable contribution to innovative business operations. When making decisions about accommodations, rational and emotional factors both have a role to play. In a business case, investment and exploitation costs are calculated; benefits are estimated as accurately as possible, given the knowledge and capabilities available. Practical experience is gained as to what the accommodations or workplace mean to employees, managers, visitors and others.

The challenge in decisions about the work environment is proving added value. Which knowledge and tools are available? How are they accessible to you? What will be developed in the coming years?