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Elaboration and Design

After the conceptual choices have been made, they must be developed into a physical work environment. This happens through the creation of a brief, the design of the office and the work environment by an interior designer or architect, and the drawing up of the planning and budget for the work environment. In the organization itself, the focus is on setting up concepts for use and maintenance, adjusting contracts, and working out the organizational consequences of the chosen office concept. This could be e.g. making files less time- and place-dependent, knowledge sharing, and (collaborative) ways of working. If the office concept is truly different from the current one, the Execution phase will also involve preparing employees for the new work environment, offering courses in different ways of working, and setting up codes of conduct.

CfPB offers their knowledge during the Execution phase to help determine and calculate the required mix of (activity-based) workplaces and explore possible lay-outs (input for the brief). While preparing the organization for the new office concept, CfPB is eager to share their knowledge through various sessions about e.g. consequences of the concept for managers and for employees; necessary codes of conduct; collaborating as a team within the new work environment; adapting to organizational growth, shrinkage, and other changes.