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The process is crucial to good results.

The switch to a new office concept is a major change, impacting the whole organization and inspiring a variety of reactions. A new office concept doesn't just mean the making of choices about the final result. The process requires a good deal of attention as well. A well-thought-out process helps create knowledge and understanding, support and acceptance. The basic requirements are to provide employees with well-founded, comprehensible choices, means of participation, good communication about the choices made, based on goals and means, and a transparent decision-making process with clear tasks and responsibilities. In a well-conducted process, the planned process strategy is regularly reviewed in order to assess its continuing suitability. Unexpected events are almost inevitable during the change process, and require a reaction and an appropriate approach. CfPB's Accommodations Choice Model functions as an aid in shaping and reflecting on this process.

Switching to an innovative work environment has quite an impact on employees. They often lose their fixed work-station, end up in a more open environment, with (even) more digital tasks, start working remotely, have to find new ways to collaborate, etc. This results in a sense of insecurity and loss for many people, which may lead to resistance. Discovering how the individual, team and organization want to and are capable of working in the new work environment is an important part of the process. The Workplace Game is intended to help with this.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation starts with the ideation phase and continues as the new work environment is adopted. This requires a well-thought-out plan for implementation at an early stage, based on a thorough change diagnosis, fitting the culture of the organization. Implementation is focused on communication and dialogue, well-considered moments for participation, reflection on the practical consequences of the new accommodations and new way of working, and interventions suited to the organization. The time and energy invested will absolutely pay for themselves after adoption. CfPB's implementation study offers insight into the theory as well as real-life examples to aid in designing your own process.