Center for People and Buildings

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The Center for People and Buildings is a foundation, which was founded in May 2001. It was initiated with the help of the following founding partners:

  • Dutch Government Buildings Agency (GBA)
  • Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  • ABN AMRO bank (first year only)
  • Dutch Tax Authority (from the second year)

Two founding partners are represented in the board, together with an independent researcher:  

Professor Hans de Jonge, MSc
TU Delft, faculty of Architecture

Professor Willem Vrakking, MSc
Erasmus University / Holland Consulting Group

Ruud Peters, LL.M.
Dutch Tax Authority

The Board watches over the objectives and scientific independence of the foundation. They determine the research program of the Center for People and Buildings and set its budget and check the annual report. The board meets at least three times a year.


Wim Pullen

Wim Pullen

CEO (retired Oct 1 2021│Msc, Geodesy