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Development of new situation cards Workplace Game

25 january 2018

Feedback shows the game would be even more complete if some situation cards and new topics would be added to the current situation cards . Some of these topics are: management issues, collaboration, project management, rethinking the work organization, implementation.

We strive to offer a new set of questions - which can be ordered separately - in summer 2018. The questions will be developed in a small partner group of international Workplace game trainers and CfPB members and tested in a meeting in June with Workplace Game followers in France.

Examples of new questions

The company has just decided that everybody will be allowed to work remotely. As a manager, what do you think the impact will be on your work?

a)    I like it, so I can also work remotely and work without being disturbed.
b)    I'm worried about potential additional administrative tasks related to remote work.
c)    I'll have to change the way I interact with others.

With the new work environment, people don't have any assigned desk anymore. Five of your colleagues have organized to reserve each other seats, to ensure they would sit together. What is the policy about such a situation?

a)    It's ok if they need to work together.
b)    It's not the way we're supposed to use the space.
c)    The policy says that such behaviour should be discussed in team meetings.