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Great Interest in CfPB Lectures at Design District 2016

9 june 2016

Great Interest in CfPB Lectures at Design District 2016

Thursday, June 2, CfPB gave three presentations at Design District 2016. Sandra Brunia kicked off with a presentation on accommodations for new ways of working and the lessons learned from recent studies of best and worst cases for workplace innovation.

After this well-attended presentation, Marion Beijer spoke to an equally large audience about the impact of layout and the results of CfPB’s research on the influence of the arrangement of desks, meeting spaces and facilities such as pantries and printers in the office space on how a work environment is experienced. Participants found the do’s and don’ts of designing and furnishing (new) office environments particularly enlightening.
In conclusion, Fien Thoolen gave a fun interactive presentation on the Workplace Game and which behavioral changes a new work environment can require from employees. Some soul-searching questions led participants in considering the impact and meaning of a new work environment for the people who must work there.