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Costs and Benefits of Flexible Workspaces - Work in progress in The Netherlands

May 2003 | Theo van der Voordt

Due to the rapid progress in information and communication technology, work is becoming more and more independent of time and place. New concepts such as cocon offices (with special attention to both communication and concentration), teleworking, satellite offices, and hotel offices have been introduced world wide. During the last decade, we have witnessed the introduction of non-territorial offices in which desk sharing and desk rotation are linked to different job functions and working processes. This paper discusses the main motives behind the application of these new concepts, potential costs and benefits and data on accommodation costs. A plea is made for the need to create an integral framework of (potential) costs and benefits, structured according to the principles of the Balanced Score Card.

Published in: Wagenberg, A.F. van, et al (eds.) (2003), Proceedings of the EuroFM International Research Symposium on Innovative Workplaces. European Facility Management Conference, May 14-17, 2003, Rotterdam.

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