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FMA Ideaction conference Melbourne - Towards evidence based reasoning in Facilities Management

May 2005 | Wim Pullen

Facilities Management has been and will be a practical profession. Experience plays a major role in the life of the Facility Manager (FM). However, the author believes that - as in medicine - the FM will need to move forward and develop the practice of evidence-based reasoning. Interventions in the physical assets - as suggested by the FM - will have consequences including all sorts of risks. The theme of Ideaction 2005- 4D Thinking, allows us to play a language game: are 4 dimensions enough to cover the road towards evidence-based reasoning? Attention will be paid to Define, problem framing, Decide, consensus or not, Data, always welcome, Diagnose, what ís the matter and finally where the action will lead us: Design, or creating options of possible futures: workable solutions.