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Impact of employee satisfaction with facilities on self-assessed productivity support

November 2019 | Brenda Groen, Theo van der Voordt, Bartele Hoekstra Hester van Sprang

NEW paper in the Journal of Facilites Management

This paper aims to explore the relationship between satisfaction with buildings, facilities and
services and perceived productivity support and to test whether the findings from a similar study of
Batenburg and Van der Voordt (2008) are confirmed in a repeat study after 10 years with more recent data.

In total 38% of the variation of office employees’ satisfaction with support of productivity
can be explained by employee satisfaction with facilities, the organisation, current work processes and
personal- and job-related characteristics. The most important predictor of self-assessed support of
productivity is employee satisfaction with facilities. In particular, psychological aspects, i.e. opportunities
to concentrate and to communicate, privacy, level of openness, and functionality, comfort and diversity of
the workplaces are very important. The findings confirm that employee satisfaction with facilities
correlates significantly with perceived productivity support. Other factors that are not included in the
data set, such as intrinsic motivation, labour circumstances and human resource management may have
an impact as well.