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The influence of the workplace on perceived productivity

May 2011 | Maartje Maarleveld, Iris de Been

Key note European Facility Management Conference (EFMC) Wenen mei 2011.

The Center for People and Buildings has conducted a number of case studies into employee satisfaction with the working environment and perceived productivity – i.e the extent to which employees appraise the physical environment of the office as supporting their productivity. This paper focuses on physical characteristics of the office that might influence the perceived productivity. According to our data (over 10.000 respondents from 71 case studies), the ability to concentrate has a substantial influence on the perceived productivity in general, as well as of the individual, the team and the organisation.

Respondents that are more satisfied with the ability to concentrate are also more likely to experience the workplace as supportive for their productivity. The possibility to communicate only has impact on the perceived team and organisational productivity. According to the results, employees rate the general productivity primarily on the basis of their individual productivity, rather than team productivity or organisational productivity. In connection to work processes it appeared that for particular work processes employees judge the functionality and comfort of the workplace as most important in affecting their perceived productivity.