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Towards customer delight: Added value in public sector corporate real estate

September 2001 | Chris Wilson, Joan Leckman, Kahlil Cappucino, Wim Pullen

This paper explores the findings emerging from the inaugural conference of a new network called the World Wide Workplace Web, an  international  forum  for  future  real  property  leaders mainly within public sector real estate organisations. It focuses on the challenges of defining and demonstrating value added in the field of public sector corporate real estate. What is perceived as value added within the public sector CREOs? Is the meaning of added value evolving in the eyes  of  the  customer?  How  are  public  sector CREOs partnering with customers to establish value,  demonstrate  their  performance  against customer expectations and continuously improve the  way  business  is  conducted  in  light  of  the feedback received? The paper is applicable to both public and private sectors, but refers frequently to a public sector context.

In: Journal of Corporate Real Estate, vol. 3 no. 3.