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Accomodation Choice Model

Accomodation Choice Model

Process Model for Accommodations Focused on People and Organizations

No two accommodations processes are identical. Accommodations processes have different contexts and goals. They vary in their scope and impact on the organization, are approached from a top-down or bottom-up perspective, etc. However, there is uniformity as well as diversity: all processes have a beginning and an end, with many choices to be made on the way. Ideally, these choices are well-founded, clear, integral, balanced and supported, and unquestioned. In practice, they are often implicit, without clear reasoning, and lacking consensus. The success of a new accommodations concept is usually hard to predict.

CfPB has developed the Accommodations Choice Model (AC Model) to help create a shared awareness of the accommodations process, support decision-making, facilitate communications and enable ongoing reflection on the process, in order to extract lessons for subsequent stages. The model offers tools to help choose the best possible accommodations and process to get there, with a better-founded translation of “organization” into “accommodations”.

What do I gain?

Support for decision-making and project management; shared awareness; improved coordination; more transparency; improved internal communications; structured learning opportunities; project archiving.

Who and when?

The AC Model is meant to help organizations get a better grip on their accommodations process and make better-founded, better-supported decisions. Intended users are e.g. project teams, accommodations consultants and works councils. The model may be deployed when initiating an accommodations project; when a project has stalled, in order to diagnose the problem; and afterwards, to evaluate the project.
The model may also be useful for research purposes. The initial focus is then on collecting information about accommodations ambitions and the accompanying concept choices, as well as the decision-making process and the manner in which organizations implement new accommodations.


Anca Gosselink

Anca Gosselink

Programmamanager│Msc Culture, Organization and Management