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Renovation Debating Model

Renovation Debating Model

The Mathematical and Debating Model for Renovation and Refurbishment was created by the program Fysieke Werkomgeving Rijk (Government Physical Work Environment) in order to detect relationships between the quality of the office accommodations and the costs required for realization in existing buildings. Besides the required investments, the model also provides insight into the effects on exploitation of accommodations.


The instrument can be used in two ways. First, to make a rapid analysis of scenarios for different levels of renovation, requiring only limited specific knowledge of construction costs. The second possibility is a comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand of offices, with the accompanying renovation profiles and cost estimates.

Test Results

The mathematical model for renovation of existing buildings was tested during various projects, including the Bouwcampus in Delft. For the intended renovation, three variations were determined, with different depreciation periods: 7, 15 and 30 years. The conclusions were:

  • The model functions excellently to determine budgets during the early decision-making stages
  • A concrete design is unnecessary
  • Determining budgets requires strong reasoning skills at decision-making levels, more so than traditional estimates based on a detailed plan
  • Being able to compare costs for renovation of existing buildings to budgets for new construction is very instructive and develops a sense of proportion
  • The model's validation requires further attention, in the form of an extensive test program