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Workplace Game

Workplace Game

The Workplace Game helps organisations to utilize their work environment more effectively by making behaviour in and around the work environment open for discussion

The game consists of a deck of cards. Each card describes an indistinct or tricky workplace situation relevant for working in a innovative (NWoW) office. For example: "It is 9 p.m. A client sends you a mail with an urgent question. What would you do?" The cards check expertise and knowledge and evoke debate about office values and norms, attitude and behavior.

The game is available in four languages: English, French, German, Dutch.


The Workplace Game can be used to discuss behaviour in the work environment. By discussing behaviour inside (and outside) the office, it makes office users aware of how they and their colleagues act and interact. The game helps users to anticipate the new working environment or understand its merits better. The game may help to enlarge acceptance for the new office concept.

Getting started

The Workplace Game is played in groups of 4 to 6 people. The players move from card to card, from space to space, as through an office where all sorts of situations take place. The 120 situation cards contain questions about Expertise & Knowledge, Values & Norms and Attitude & Behaviour that you can encounter both inside and outside the office. The players are engaged in a discussion on the basis of these situations. Playing the game takes about an hour. Before starting the game, it’s rules are explained and afterwards people are asked to give feedback about the important issues and discussions that arose.

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The game can be used in different phases of a (re)accommodation process:

  • During ideation: to gauge what the basis is in your organisation for new ways of working.
  • During the implementation process: How do you act around each other in a new environment?
  • Shortly after the introduction of the new accommodation: what are the issues with the work environment?
  • Some time later after the introduction: what are the issues with the work environment? Do we need a code of conduct?

Custom wishes

The game consists of 120 cards. During a one hour playing session, about 12 of them will be addressed. This gives you the opportunity to make a selection of cards that are specifically interesting for your organisation. In this way important issues within your organisation can be taken up and themes that are irrelevant can be left out. The cards are divided into four types of spaces: Work spaces, Meeting spaces, Facilities and Other locations; and three themes: Expertise & Knowledge , Values & Norms and Attitude & Behaviour. We recommend to keep a similar distribution between themes and types of spaces when selecting the cards. The Center for People and Buildings can provide you with a document to help you selecting the most relevant questions. Next to selecting the cards you can also adapt the game to your organisation by creating a board that resembles (the shape) of your work environment.

More information

Find more information about the game and experiences with the game in the following:

Ordering and contact

Price: 125 euro + shipping costs (with a 25% discount for licenced facilitators of the Workplace Game).

Do you want to order the Workplace Game or know more about the workplace game? Please contact us!

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Dorieke den Hollander

Dorieke den Hollander

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