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Gezondheid op het werk May 2023 | Maaike Niekel, Dennis La Brijn, Sjors Houtveen, Gijs Brouwers, Mathilda du Preez, Henk-Jan Hoekjen, Barbara van Baarsel Tien jaar onderzoek TPAW: twaalf lessen toepasbaar op hybride werken April 2023 | Dennis La Brijn, Sjors Houtveen Zoeken naar verbinding in de hybride wereld February 2023 | Gijs Brouwers, Dennis La Brijn, Anca Gosselink, Henk-Jan Hoekjen, Bartele Hoekstra, Sjors Houtveen, Maaike Niekel, Jacqueline Schlangen. Eindredactie: Barbara van Baarsel


Verslag Kenniskring 'Pilots hybride werken' December 2022 | Gijs Brouwers, Barbara van Baarsel, Henk-Jan Hoekjen, Maaike Niekel, Jacqueline Schlangen


The influence of the physical home work environment on preceived productivity during the covid 19 pandemic June 2021 | Monique Arkesteijn, Silvia Jansen, Bernice Kieft, Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Bartele Hoekstra, Pity Jongens-van der Schaaf


Impact of employee satisfaction with facilities on self-assessed productivity support November 2019 | Brenda Groen, Theo van der Voordt, Bartele Hoekstra Hester van Sprang


Discussing NWOW Managerial Issue; A playful and intercultural perspective June 2018 | Blandine Bréchignac Dorieke den Hollander Wim Pullen


Input to the CREM-FM research agenda October 2017 | Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Wim Pullen


Facilities Management and Corporate Real Estate Management as Value Drivers: How to Manage and Measure Adding Value September 2016 | Per Anker Jensen (editor), Theo van der Voordt (editor) Flexibility in use April 2016 | Jan Gerard Hoendervanger, Iris De Been, Nico W. van Yperen, Mark P. Mobach, Casper J. Albers New Ways of Working: Sense making Processes of non-managerial Employees - A Case Study March 2016 | Martine van Weerdenburg, Sandra Brunia


The Workplace Game July 2015 | Evi De Bruyne, Fien Thoolen Added Value of FM - A critical review June 2015 | Per Anker Jensen, Theo van der Voordt Performance measurement of public facilities in Thailand: A case study of Dhanarak Asset Development June 2015 | Chaiwat Riratanaphong, Theo van der Voordt How to cope with dilemmas in activity-based work environments June 2015 | Iris de Been, Marion Beijer, Dorieke den Hollander Calculating NWoW office space with the PACT model May 2015 | Evi de Bruyne, Marion Beijer How can facility managers add value? May 2015 | Per Anker Jensen, Theo van der Voordt


Age, office type, job satisfaction and performance September 2014 | Iris de Been, Eeke Steenaart, Dorieke den Hollander, Wim Pullen PACT: Calculating nWoW accommodation that suits the organisations' work processes June 2014 | Evi de Bruyne, Marion Beijer, Sandra Brunia, Anca Gosselink The influence of office type on satisfaction and perceived productivity support March 2014 | Iris de Been, Marion Beijer


The use of Questionnaires in Colour Research in Real Life Settings: In search of validity and methodological pitfalls September 2013 | Iris Bakker, Theo van der Voordt, Peter Vink, Jan de Boon Corporate real estate mirrors brand: a conceptual framework and practical applications August 2013 | Chesta Khanna, Theo van der Voordt, Philip Koppels How Can Facilities Management Add Value To Organisations As Well As To Society? May 2013 | Per Anker Jensen, Anna-Liisa Sarasoja, Theo van der voordt, Christiaan Coenen Facilitating new ways of learning in Dutch higher education May 2013 | Ronald Beckers, Theo van der Voordt The effects of interventions in an innovative office on satisfaction, perceived productivity and health complaints May 2013 | Iris de Been, Marion Beijer The effect of change on accommodation strategies - 10 Success factors. Virtual Round Tour Full report March 2013 | AT Osborne


EFMC 2012: looking back and forward June 2012 | Theo van der Voordt Facility Management Research in the Netherlands June 2012 | Thomas Thijssen, Theo van der Voordt, Mark Mobach


An organization centered Accomodation Choice Model December 2011 | Theo van der Voordt, Jolanda Ikiz-Koppejan, Anca Gosselink The influence of the workplace on perceived productivity May 2011 | Maartje Maarleveld, Iris de Been Impact of Workplace Change on Satisfaction and Productivity - A comparative analysis of case studies in Thailand and the Netherlands May 2011 | Chaiwat Riratanaphong, Theo van der Voordt Most important aspects of the work environment - A comparison between two countries May 2011 | Peggie M. Rothe, Marion Beijer, Theo van der Voordt


Long-Term Effects of Activity-Based Working September 2010 | Nicky Mosselman, Anca Gosselink, Marion Beijer The influence of plants on productivity - a critical assessment of research findings and test methods September 2010 | Iris Bakker, Theo van der Voordt EFMC 2010 - The Added Value of FM - Different Research Perspectives May 2010 | Per Anker Jensen, Theo van der Voordt, Christian Coenen, Daniel von Felten, Anna-Liisa Lindholm, Susanne Balslev Nielsen, Chaiwat Riratanaphong and Mirjam Schmid After the fire - New ways of working in an academic setting March 2010 | Marjan Gorgievski, Theo van der Voordt, Sanne van Herpen, Sophie van Akkeren The ageing office population - Age and the physical work environment March 2010 | Iris de Been, Evi De Bruyne


Personalization in non-territorial offices: a study of a human need September 2009 | Sandra Brunia, Anca Gosselink Measuring employee satisfaction in new offices - the WODI toolkit May 2009 | Leentje Volker, Theo van der Voordt, Maartje Maarleveld Input for the 2015 FM Research and Action Agenda May 2009 | Wim Pullen, Theo van der Voordt, Jaap Hanekamp Towards improving energy-efficiency in office buildings - Case study on the effects of technical optimization and augmented user-sophistication May 2009 | Pieter le Roux, Karel Dekker Change beyond walls April 2009 | Evi de Bruyne Effects of the Workplace Game: A Case-Study into Anticipating Future Behavior of Office Workers March 2009 | Annelise de Jong, Merlijn Kouprie, Evi De Bruyne CRE critique and expert interpretation, Journal of Corporate Real Estate, Volume 11, Issue 1 February 2009 | Wim Pullen, Anca Gosselink, Evi De Bruyne


CRE critique and expert interpretation of Journal of Corporate Real Estate, Vol. 10 No. 4, 2008 October 2008 | Evi De Bruyne, Anca, Gosselink, Wim Pullen Evidence-based workplace design and the role of end-user participation October 2008 | Maartje Maarleveld Restructuring of Building and Facilities management based on the influence of end user preferences, preliminary results of a current research project October 2008 | Wim Pullen CRE critique and expert interpretation of Journal of Corporate Real Estate, Vol. 10 No. 3, 2008 July 2008 | Wim Pullen, Pieter le Roux The workplace game - exploring end users' new behavior July 2008 | Evi De Bruyne, Annelise de Jong Participatory design of office spaces by game playing? July 2008 | Annelise de Jong, Evi De Bruyne CIB W70-congres Edinburgh - Unlocking creativity with the physical workplace June 2008 | Yuri Martens CIB W70-conference Edinburgh - Post-occupancy evaluation of a new office concept in an educational setting June 2008 | Theo van der Voordt, Wendy van der Klooster Meaningful places June 2008 | John Worthington Personalization in non-territorial offices May 2008 | Sandra Brunia Do Facilities matter? - The influence of facilities satisfaction on perceived labour productivity of office employees May 2008 | Ronald Batenburg, Theo van der Voordt


SASBE conference Shanghai - Pleasant , Productive and Possible - The future of sustainable work December 2006 | Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Wim Pullen, Hans de Jonge Performance of office buildings from a user's perspective July 2006 | Theo van der Voordt, Maartje Maarleveld CIB W70-conference Trondheim - Use of data from workplace evaluation in briefing and design June 2006 | Theo van der Voordt


SAFMA conference Midrand - New tools for risk management in early stages of PPP workplace projects October 2005 | Wim Pullen SAFMA conference Midrand - Evidence-based reasoning, A new challenge for Facility Management October 2005 | Wim Pullen FMA Ideaction conference Melbourne - Towards evidence based reasoning in Facilities Management May 2005 | Wim Pullen An integral tool for the diagnostic evaluation of non territorial offices February 2005 | Leentje Volker, Theo van der Voordt


Modernizing government workplaces: towards evidence, as well as experience March 2004 | Wim Pullen, Stephen Bradley Productivity and satisfaction in non-territorial offices March 2004 | Theo van der Voordt


Costs and Benefits of Flexible Workspaces - Work in progress in The Netherlands May 2003 | Theo van der Voordt Corporate culture and design - Theoretical reflections on case-studies in the web design industry January 2003 | Theo van der Voordt, Juriaan van Meel, Froukje Smulders, Saskia, Teurling


The added value of office accommodation to organizational performance April 2002 | Hermen Jan van Ree


Tomorrow's offices through today's eyes: Effects of innovation in the working environment December 2001 | Paul Vos, Theo van der Voordt Towards customer delight: Added value in public sector corporate real estate September 2001 | Chris Wilson, Joan Leckman, Kahlil Cappucino, Wim Pullen Funky offices: reflections in office design in the 'new economy' July 2001 | Juriaan van Meel, Paul Vos Flexibility in the workplace: Instrumental or Creative? - The case of the Dutch Government Buildings Agency March 2001 | Wim Pullen