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IFMA World Workplace Europe

18 maart 2021, Virtual

IFMA World Workplace Europe

Inconvenient conversations: back on track, or lost in the woods?
 – One year later, living through Covid realities

It is one year ago when World Workplace Europe shifted to virtual as Covid spread on a global scale and effectively disrupted our social as well as business habits. We (Erik Jaspers, Marie Puybaraud, Jan Peter Kastelein, Kate Lister, Wim Pullen) sat together in a session called ‘Back on Track’, we were sharing insights into the situation and tried to look into a future that was blur as well as uncertain.

One year later, we find ourselves amidst a world still heavily hurting by Covid. Now we discuss again:

  • What have we learned?
  • What did we expect that did not come true?
  • What did we not anticipate but still happened?
  • Can we project better into the future now? And what would those projections be?

Or are we just lost in the woods?

In this session we will look back, take the learnings at heart and try to find some grips on the future.

World Workplace Europe , March 18,2020 at 14.40 CET