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Norwegian FM Conference

23 oktober 2018, Oslo

Norwegian FM Conference

23 October 2018,  OsloMet - storbyuniversitetet, Pilestredet 35, Oslo

Some initial thoughts on the speech by Wim Pullen

Ever attended a Norwegian conference? I did, but never saw my presentation in the Norwegian language. Being invited by the Norwegian FM Association I am supposed to talk about Moderne FM – mer enn plantevanning og renhold, which can be translated into Modern FM – more than watering plants and cleaning.

I am very pleased to be speaking on such a challenging subject because there is so much ‘creative’ framing by marketing departments, that some of those promises on what buildings and services can deliver to the end user, often come close to “deceptive misrepresentation”.

In the end it is the user – you and me, and all the others – that determines the quality.

This can become an interesting outline how end users evaluate and judge all those offers of becoming healthier, more productive, more sustainable,  more competitive or even more happy.

FM people are pragmatic: too much talk or marketing charisma does not impress. The question is; ’does it work in practice’? So how do we get from inevitable storytelling to a situation where we are with both feet on the ground. Thus contributing to value-building construction and property management.

You can download the program of the conference here.