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Webinar "Progress in evidence based workplace management"

10 juni 2015, internet

During IFMA’s FMCC World FM day the 10th of june at 11.00 Dutch time Wim Pullen presents the webinar “Progress in evidence based workplace management”.


Evidence based workplace management aims to answers the question “what do we know and to translate knowledge to well informed decisions. The workplace arena is filled with opinions and anecdotal evidence. Big questions like “how does the workplace contribute to productivity growth?” “Can we enhance employee health and wellbeing in new workplaces?” are easy to ask but hard to answer. Nevertheless workplace researchers are eager to develop reliable knowledge that helps to discuss the abovementioned questions. What is the state of the art of knowledge development, What future developments are to be expected?

Learning Objectives

 1. Learn about evidence based workplace Management
 2. Learn about the big questions
 3. Become informed about state of the art of workplace Research

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