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Age, office type, job satisfaction and performance

September 2014 | Iris de Been, Eeke Steenaart, Dorieke den Hollander, Wim Pullen

The aim of the study is to get insight into the influence of age in relation to the experience of the office environment and job performance. A differentiation is made between traditional cellular offices with assigned places and flexible office concepts. The research is done based on a dataset  with 12,574 respondents derived from 83 different case studies from 28 different organizations, executed from 2007 until 2013. The results show that there are large differences in the assessment of the two office types between different age groups. The older the respondents are, the more negative they seem to get about the flexible office. Overall, some general positive and negative points for both office types arise in each age group.

The article is published in Work&Place.


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