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Change beyond walls

April 2009 | Evi de Bruyne

Change beyond walls

Evi de Bruyne interviews Bridget Hardy the author of Working beyond walls and Gerry Hofkamp the author of Veranderen met ruimte.

Bridget Hardy leads the High Performing Property program at the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in the UK. This program is focused on developing a government estate that gives better value. The goal of which is not only to set a standard and provide leadership but also to improve the general awareness and capability of those that manage the government estate.

Gerry Hofkamp worked at the time as an advisor for the Rijksgebouwendienst in the Netherlands. The publication of Veranderen met ruimte resulted from a project with InAxis. This organization provided support to government organizations to develop government innovations. When they received a request for funding for office innovation from three different government organizations, the idea dawned to integrate these efforts and share the knowledge that resulted.

Questions are tackled about what changes in an innovative office, what is the impact on people who work there, and how can these changes best be implemented. Click here for the interview.


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