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Flexibility in the workplace: Instrumental or Creative? - The case of the Dutch Government Buildings Agency

Maart 2001 | Wim Pullen

Workplace   innovation   is   a   much-described subject.   Workplace   innovation   is   usually introduced  to  increase  flexibility.  Workplace knowledge is, most of the time, institutionalised in  formal  tools.  These  tools  compete  with
creativity  of  employers,  employees  and  professionals.  This  paper  describes  the  quest  for frameworks  helping   professional   advisers   to grow   in   knowledge   and   understanding   of workplace  innovations.  The  experience  of  the Dutch  Government  Buildings  Agency  is  used to  illustrate  the  search.  A  research  agenda is given.

In: Journal of Corporate Real Estate Vol. 3 No. 2


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