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Funky offices: reflections in office design in the 'new economy'

Juli 2001 | Juriaan van Meel, Paul Vos

This paper discusses office design  in  the ‘new economy’.  Office  buildings  of  companies  seem  to  be  dominated  by  colourful materials,  luxurious  facilities  such  as  gyms  or lounge areas  and  gimmicks  such  as  jukeboxes and  pool  tables.  Employees  ‘float’  around  in these offices wherever and whenever they want. Such  work  environments  seem  very  attractive  and  productive.  Still,  the  meaning  and relevance of such ‘fun offices’ can be questioned.

In this paper the authors try to explain where this informal and casual office style comes from, relating it to labour market developments and changes  in  organisational  culture.  Secondly, they  discuss  the  merits  of  ‘fun’  office  design. How does it affect people’s creativity, their ideas about  work  and  the  distinction  between  work and private life?

The paper was published in the Journal of Corporate Real Estate Vol. 3 No. 4.