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The effect of change on accommodation strategies - 10 Success factors. Virtual Round Tour Full report

Maart 2013 | AT Osborne

How are companies dealing with changes in the workplace such as NWoW? In cooperation with international accommodation experts, AT Osborne organized a Virtual Round Tour in four future oriented knowledge-intensive organisations in Europe, which operate in different economic fields and have implemented different organizational models. The virtual round tour was supported by a conference with the title: ‘Working in the post-industrial knowledge society: Designing an accommodation strategy’. The objective of the conference was to formulate key priorities for accommodation strategies in changing environments.

Interviews were conducted by Eva Bjerrum from the Alexandra Institute (Arla, Head Quarter Aarhus, Denmark), Paul Bloemen from consultancy Riddervis (Rabobank, Administrative Centre, The Netherlands), Inaki Lozano from BICG / Fraunhofer Institute (Santander Bank, German Office Mönchengladbach, Germany) and Wim Pullen from the Center for People and Buildings (SOL, HeadQuarter Helsinki, Finland).

The interviews focused on the effect of changes on accommodation strategies. Changes as a result of
economic and social developments. What initiated the change? Why did you change? What was the
change? What was the result of these changes? How did you get things done?


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