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The impact of workplaces and self-management practices on the productivity of knowledge workers

Mei 2017 | Miika Palvalin, Theo van der Voordt, Tuuli Jylhä

Paper in the Journal of Facilities Management (15) 4, 423-438.

The paper explores the impact of workplaces that support concentration and communication and self-management practices on individual and team productivity. The paper is based on survey data from 998 Finnish knowledge workers. The findings show that self-management practices have a larger impact on the quality and quantity of individual output and the quantity of team output than workplaces for communication and concentration. Improving self-management skills is key to increase all productivity dimensions and in particular the quality of the output. The findings suggest that collaboration between different disciplines – corporate management, corporate real estate management, human resource management and IT – is a key issue to optimize individual and team productivity.