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The use of Questionnaires in Colour Research in Real Life Settings: In search of validity and methodological pitfalls

September 2013 | Iris Bakker, Theo van der Voordt, Peter Vink, Jan de Boon

This research discusses the validity of applying questionnaires in colour research in real-life settings. In the literature conclusions concerning colour influences on human performance and well-being are often conflicting. This can be caused by the artificial setting of the test process. Applying questionnaires could also be a cause. To avoid the disadvantages of an artificial setting, a colour research process was organised in a real-life setting. In order to get a better understanding of the validity and possible pitfalls in using questionnaires, the responses to the questionnaires were analysed and compared with findings from observations of respondents’ behaviour and additional interviews with the respondents. Discrepancies were found indicating weaknesses of applying questionnaires in colour research. The findings suggest that questionnaires alone are not a fully appropriate tool to establish the colour influences.