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Living Office Seeds. The MEETnow clock

24 januari 2019

Living Office Seeds. The MEETnow clock

Living Office Seeds. The MEETnow clock

Do you recognize this: Little time left in the meeting and still much to discuss ?

Over the past semester students from the Interactive Environments minor at TUDelft have collaborated with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) as part of the Living Office Seeds project. The students have been doing research, designing and prototyping new ways to deliver an engaging and flexible office environment to suit the work needs of our times. CfPB’s Theo van der Voordt acted as an external reviewer and coach to the students.


Their work includes prototypes for:

  • personalization of the office space and climate,
  • structuring personal office activities while showing social availability,
  • booking and organizing a meeting MEETnow,
  • relaxing and informally mingling,
  • getting a grasp on the data produced by the office building, and
  • casually exploring various projects of office peers.

On 23/1/2019  the official launch of the prototypes took place.

The MEETnow prototype is an visual timer to use in meetings. Depending on the expected duration of agenda items you can plan time in coloured segments on the clock. Time management with the help of the tool becomes a shared responsibility. The clock shows – while ticking minutes and seconds form present to past -  how much time you have  left for each agenda issue. It reallocates time (automatically or manually)  if one agenda topic is finished early.